Znayomci is a UKRAINIAN brand of board games for bringing people closer, based on researches in social psychology. YES, we are based in Ukraine and YES, we STAY HERE even in times of horrible war as russia ivaded our country.
ZNAYOMCI is a game that in reallity is a key to a healthy way of communication.  You can ask all those awkward or tougth questions that you have allways wanted to. You can finally talk about those topics that here was not enough courage or context to talk about it out loud. 

We fight with our enemies

We fight with our enemies: silence, sexism, racism, homophobia, xenophobia and a lot of other horrible phenomenons, using an algorithm of sincere communication. So under the sauce of games, we create solutions to making mental helth levels higher, but prejudice levels lower.

There are printed and digital versions of our games.

Printed games are created in limited amounts usually in Ukrainian language and for few most popular types of our games. But in ZNAYOMCI app you czn find all types of ZNAYOMCI games in two languages: English and Ukrainian. In this game you can find our games for free and for a freandly price. Download our app and use it once you need it.