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Znayomci: Classic 2.0

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Znayomci: classic 2.0 is a totally new and unique 150 questions.

This game is even more universal than the previous version. It can be played with family and children, as well as with friends, loved ones and complete strangers. This deck will raise many positive and pleasant memories of childhood, friends or travel, as well as help to rethink the place of employment and future goals and self-belief.

Language: Ukrainian

Game details

The questions are based on 5 topics:
- work
- friendship
- childhood
- adventures
- self-esteem
This game does not have clear rules, you can use it as you wish. We only give recommendations if you do not know where to start.

Box filling

judgment instruction - 50 cards
cognition - 50 cards
revelation - 50 cards
final card
compliment from us to you
Enough guessing. Ask questions!